3 Major Voice Acting DONT’s


The 3 Major Dont’s

  • Don’t just read, act! Read as though you are talking to someone or an audience of people. Add emotions, crescendos and onomatopoeias!
  • Avoid nose and tongue jewelry. A slight motion will cause the accessory to sound or harm your speech and it will be hard for the editor to remove these noises from the audio files.
  • Steer away from using smart phones or electronic devices. This will create background noise giving the editors a hard time.

If you find yourself currently doing any of the listed above I urge any Voice Actor to re-evaluate their process and practices. Also to gain knowledge in voice overs by watching videos or even reading books. The first book I would recommend is Voice Acting for Dummies.  A hyperlink will be provided to where you may find this book below.

 Voice Acting For Dummies

Respecting those rules and with the right voice pitch you can do wonders. Yes, your voice conveniently used has the power to make believable any scenario you can imagine.


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